Cryptocurrency prices.. Bitcoin losses and weak gains for Ethereum

Cryptocurrency prices varied today, Sunday, October 17, 2021, and despite the decline in Bitcoin, it is still above the $60,000 level.

Digital currencies are back in the spotlight for investors, supported by the flight of capital from the stock markets in light of the prevailing concern that the financial markets will be affected by a global inflation wave.

The US support boosted the gains of cryptocurrencies in recent days, in exchange for Chinese restrictions on the trading of digital currencies and the announcement by the Chinese Central Bank that it considers all cryptocurrency transactions “illegal”, and vowed to take strict measures, including bans against its activities.

Speculators are betting on the return of the world’s largest cryptocurrency to rise to reach the record levels set earlier this year.

And the Bloomberg agency stated that, as happened in previous cycles of rise for the cryptocurrency, there are currently many reasons for the recent rise, ranging from the waning of concerns about the US and Chinese regulatory efforts against cryptocurrency, to the renewed optimism about the possibility of the US Securities Commission agreeing to offer investment funds in a currency Bitcoin is tradable in the stock market.

Analysts who follow bitcoin price patterns say the next resistance level for bitcoin price will be $60,000 per unit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised the world a few days ago by tolerating the trading of cryptocurrencies such as “Bitcoin”, despite stern warnings from the Central Bank of Russia.

He suggested that oil contracts be traded in “Bitcoin”, what traders called the great “Putin Code”.

Cryptocurrency rates today

The price of the digital currency Bitcoin BTC fell today, Sunday, by 2.73% to reach $ 60,687.07, and the market value of the most famous digital currency in the world was recorded to reach $ 1,145 trillion, with a trading volume of $ 31 billion.

The price of the Ethereum Ethereum currency rose during early trading today, by 0.48%, to reach $3861.27, and the market value reached $455,747 billion, with trading volumes in the last 24 hours amounting to $16 billion.

The price of Chainlink LINK currency rose this morning, by 0.55%, to record about 27.40 dollars, and the market value recorded a level of 12,592 billion dollars, with a trading volume of 1.105 billion dollars in the last 24 hours.

The price of the Dogecoin currency (Dogecoin) decreased at the opening of trading today, by 0.80% to reach $0.236, and the market value of the “dog” currency recorded the level of $31.146 billion.

The price of the XRP currency lost during the morning trading of Sunday, by 0.99%, to reach $1.13, with a market value of $53.116 billion, and a trading volume of $3.58 billion.

The price of the Litecoin (Litecoin) LTC fell on Sunday, by 1.55% to reach $186.91, with a market value of $12.860 billion, and a trading volume of $2.650 billion.

The price of the Polkadot DOT coin decreased by 1.55%, to record about $42.55.

The price of the cardano ADA coin decreased by 2.00% to record $2.17.

The price of the Binance coin BNB fell by 2.23% to record $464.81.

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