Crytek’s climbing game climbs into the Quest Store in early March

In September Crytek had the second part of the idyllic climbing game as part of the “Facebook Connect 2020” event The Climb announced – exclusively for the Quest platform (i.e. for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets). in the Oculus-Blog A date has now been announced: The Climb 2 is due to appear on Thursday, March 4th.

Dynamic objects such as ropes, cotainers and ladders, which should react to the weight of the player, are new. Including the new city, the game has a total of five locations. Further key figures are 32 gloves, 25 watches and 36 bracelets. Additional times of day and difficulty levels have also been added to all maps. In asynchronous multiplayer modes you will be able to compete with friends for the leaderboards.

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