Cuban actress found drowned in Miami

Diario Las Américas published that the Miami Beach police were investigating the cause of death of the woman whose body was found on the sand on the beach, very close to 79th Street.

According to the authorities, a person who was walking by the place saw the body and called the police. After the call, rescue teams of firefighters and police officers appeared on the scene and confirmed the death of the woman, later they removed him from the scene.

The Police are investigating what could have caused the death of actress Broselianda Hernández, although some media report that it was a drowning.

Miami Beach rescue.jpg

Rescue personnel in Miami Beach.


Hernández was a graduate of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in Havana in 1987, where she was a student of Vicente Revuelta, Isabel Moreno and Miriam Lezcano, among other essential figures on the Cuban scene. He was a member of the cast of the theater group Buscón, directed by the actor José Antonio Rodríguez, where he worked until 1994.

Later, she became part of the company El Público, directed by Carlos Díaz, in which she participated until 1999. Later she was a guest actress of the Buendía theater group, under the direction of Flora Lauten.

In 2000 she worked as a guest actress at the Gala Hispanic Theater Company in Washington.

Cubans remember their participation in television dramatizations, among which the telenovelas “When the water returns to earth” and “Las honradas” stand out.

His filmography includes titles such as “Things that I left in Havana” (1997), by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón; “The prophecies of Amanda” (1999), by Pastor Vega; “Nada” (2000), by Juan Carlos Cremata; “Barrio Cuba” (2005), by Humberto Solás; “The Annunciation” (2009), by Enrique Pineda Barnet; and José Martí; “The eye of the canary” (2010), by Fernando Pérez, among other films.


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