Cuban authorities release the 15-year-old who came out to protest the 15N in Matanzas

Nov. 20 — Rainel Rodríguez González, the 15-year-old adolescent who was arrested for attending the Archipelago group’s convocation to go out to peacefully protest on November 15, was released on Thursday, according to his mother, María Josefina González Mayé, in a video for the Girón official press.

The mother of the child, visibly nervous, said that the day after her son made the video, in which he was dressed in white urging people to come out to protest, some officers went to his house and told him to take the young man to a juvenile center in Matanzas to talk with him, and that’s what she did.

According to González Mayé, his son was not alone at any time while he was talking with the officers and he maintained that they treated him very well. He also added that his son spent two days in the re-education center and recommended that “all parents … please be more aware of our children’s social networks.”

In recent months, the minor has lashed out through his social networks against the Cuban regime, demanding the freedom of political prisoners and criticizing the indoctrination in Cuban schools.

His arrest sparked a major campaign of protests on social networks, inside and outside of Cuba, and the official newspaper Girón justified the detention of the minor by claiming that it had been clarified that the call to march was illegal, therefore the minor had instigated disobedience.

“Failure to comply with the law, anywhere in the world, has consequences. As in Cuba the acts of minors do not classify as crimes, they are taken to a school for a few days where they are guided and taught to evaluate their civic behavior” , said the official media.

In addition, he confirmed that the minor is currently at home and that the mother is grateful for the care received.

“In the end that child is a victim of intense manipulation on social networks,” he concluded.

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