CUCEI. They present two new patents in medicine and mechanical engineering

Diana Barajas

Guadalajara / 23.08.2022 18:31:00


Researchers from the University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering of the University of Guadalajara presented two new patents in the field of medicine and mechanical engineering.

It is a robotic hand prosthesis in phase five of development, for those who have amputation of the wrist or below the elbow.

“This hand is characterized to be able to be used in basic grips, in cylindrical, spherical, fine pincer grips, in prehensile and non-prehensile movements that are considered to be able to be generated as a functional tool for the person, to be able to generate completely useful movements. “, said Esteban Hernández, master in electrical mechanical engineering at the University of Guadalajara.

One of the characteristics for which the robotic prototype could be patented is because of the lower cost it will have to the public, although the researcher did not specify what the total price would be.

“There are a variety of both aesthetic and functional prostheses on the market, but this type of prosthesis is too expensive, we are talking about millions of pesos, so it is intended to be generated at a considerable cost or at a low cost,” said Hernández.

For his part, the researcher Gregorio Carvajal managed to patent a food supplement based on lycopene, whose formula is soluble in water, which makes it more easily absorbed by the body.

“The clays together with the lycopene generate very different characteristics, it is a hybrid compound, if we mix this with lycopene, when we mix a clay it spreads and the solution that is formed is very uniform and the difference is that this is not done by the others. Since it is dissolved in water, its assimilation is easier,” said Gregorio Carvajal, a doctor at the University of Guadalajara.

The food supplement is now available on Amazon, in bottles of 30 tablets for a cost of 699 pesos.


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