Cue explains how Google is the default search engine for iPhones and talks about privacy

2023-09-26 19:25:00

O Google and the default search engine of the iPhones because of a deal made with Apple. That’s what I said Eddy Cuethe current Senior Vice President of Apple Servicesduring the trial that is investigating the possibility of the company abusing its power as a search engine.

According to information from the 9to5Mac portal, the agreement two decades ago and started in 2002, undergoing several changes over time. Cue, however, only took over the negotiation reins in 2016, which ended up generating the current version of the partnership between the two companies.

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Overall, this deal generates a few billion dollars for Apple, even if the numbers have not been revealed. However, the executive stated that this alliance involves more than money. Furthermore, he stated that there is currently no valid alternative to Google’s search engine and Apple has no plans to create its own.

One of the main points is the fact that users do not have the option of choosing the search engine they want, as the iPhone sets Google as the default. In this sense, Cue explained that this is so that the cell phone configuration process is simpler and that the objective is to get everything working as quickly as possible.

Privacy Questions

The subject of “privacy” was addressed and Cue stated that this is an important issue for Apple. Not only that, but he said the deal with Google has specific limits on what the company can track from iPhone owners. An example of this is that users can carry out their searches without having to log in to their Google account.

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He even went so far as to say that the Cupertino giant believes it has better privacy requirements than its partner. The United States Department of Justice then argues that Apple cannot think that Google offers the best product if it offers more privacy. In other words, this leaves room for the DOJ to understand that the agreement is based on the fact that the owner of the search engine is the highest bidder.

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