Cultural battle behind British Museum ‘Korean Lunar New Year’ controversy – BBC News 中文

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People in Shanxi, China celebrate the coming of the Year of the Rabbit.

The British Museum has sparked controversy for using “Korean Lunar New Year” (Korean Lunar New Year) in an online post as more than a billion people around the world are celebrating the Lunar New Year.

“Join us in celebrating the Korean Lunar New Year and enjoy the magical performance of the Silla Orchestra,” wrote the British Museum’s Twitter account in an event preview posted on January 12.

A screenshot of the post seemed to ignite a powder keg on Friday (January 20) after it was shared on Chinese social media by an online blogger. Many Chinese netizens questioned that the British Museum is “misappropriating culture” by labeling the Chinese lunar year with “Korean”.

“Give me back Chinese New Year!” commented one netizen.

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