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“Culture pass” and “sport coupon”: “Two weights, two measures”

Tribune. The announcement of the generalization of a Culture Pass of 300 euros available to 800,000 young people aged 18 without conditions of resources from May 21 and its extension to college students from the 4e until the end of the year (for 200 euros) in January… 2022 is good news, despite the serious reservations expressed on the occasion of the evaluation of the fourteen departmental experiments.

Its financial cost will be around 300 million euros in 2022. Cinema tickets, concerts, shows, exhibitions, but also books, video games and even online press subscriptions, the spectrum of the offer is very wide.

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This support for artists and in the accompaniment of access to culture seems to us a good investment by the nation, at a time when cultural actors need all possible assistance for the resumption of their activities.

Resource conditions

But then, how to justify “that at the same time”, such an effort of financial and political support is not granted for… sport? How to justify such a difference in treatment?

The “sport coupon”, a financial aid to take back a license and / or a club membership fee, improperly called “ Pass’sport »Amounting to 50 euros is only for 6-18 year olds. It will not be universal, but subject to conditions of resources: families will have to benefit from the back-to-school allowance (ARS), ie a total of 5.4 million potentially eligible young people.

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It is always better than the device initially envisaged for 6-16 year olds with a family quotient of 600 euros which would have excluded a large number of modest families. But the problem is that there are two weights, two measures between the sums devoted to the Culture Pass and those reserved for the “sport coupon”.

The budget envelope announced in November by the Head of State – and still not voted by Parliament – is only 100 million euros and has never changed despite our repeated requests, i.e. a maximum of 2 million young beneficiaries really concerned (??? it therefore only concerns a maximum of 2 million young ???).

Licensing assistance

Bercy in fact anticipates a “failure” of the system by advancing a low rate of use of Pass’sport, of the order of 40% with a minimum consumption of credits, hence this “gas factory” aspect which can ‘prove to be a deterrent.

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