Culture sector finds measures Consultation Committee not workable, Horeca Vlaanderen is happy that there is clarity

The Flemish Association of Students (VVS) says it is regrettable that the kot bubble has still not been blown off. “A few weeks ago we reached an agreement about this with the various Ministers of Education”, Sander Vanmaercke of the VVS told “VTM Nieuws”. “Everyone is behind it, but it is still not getting there.”

Such a kot bubble allows students to form a household with their roommates. Many students no longer go home but choose to stay in their room. “But there is still a lot of legal uncertainty surrounding such a kot bubble”, says Vanmaercke. “We had hoped that the Consultation Committee would finally have been able to remove that uncertainty, but that hope has proved in vain. We continue to press for this.”

The students are happy with the outdoor bubble that will be built next Monday. “That was a question from the Flemish Youth Council, and that is certainly a positive decision for young people in general,” said Vanmaercke.

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