Cuomo accuses in TV interview: – “Now he is trying to sleep with me”

The last few days have several young women accused Cuomo of unwanted sexual attention.

On Saturday, Charlotte Bennett, who worked in the governor’s office when she was 25, appeared in the New York Times and said he asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life, including whether she had had sex with older men.

Cuomo on the charges: – I have never had an intention to act inappropriately

Now she is further opening up about her time in the 63-year-old’s administration.

– I thought that «now he is trying to sleep with me. The governor is trying to sleep with me. ” The questions he asked made me extremely uncomfortable. “Now I have to get out of the room,” I thought, Bennett said in an exclusive televised interview with CBS.Evening News»Program night to Friday Norwegian time.

– What made you think he would sleep with you? asks interviewer Norah O’Donnell.

– Without explicitly saying so, he indicated that I was old enough for him and that he was lonely.

According to Bennett, Cuomo is said to have said that he was “looking for a girlfriend”.

– He asked if the age difference meant anything to me, and said that he was comfortable with everyone who was over 22 years old, she claims.


A total of three women have come forward with accusations against the popular governor. In addition to Bennett’s story, Lindsay Boylan, who worked as Cuomo’s special adviser, accused him of kissing her against her will and making inappropriate comments.

33-year-old Anna Ruch has told that she met Cuomo at a wedding, and that he should have put his hand on her bare back, before she pushed it away and was tried to kiss.

– I was so confused, shocked and embarrassed. I turned my head away from him and became completely speechless, Ruch said New York Times.

The New York Attorney General on Monday launched an investigation into the allegations made by Bennett and Boylan.

NEW YORK: Governor Andrew Cuomo is in tears over allegations of sexual harassment. Video: AP
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– Did not know that I made anyone uncomfortable

Cuomo acknowledged on Sunday for the first time that some of his actions may have been “too insensitive and too personal», And promised to cooperate with the investigators.

However, he insisted that he never touched anyone in an inappropriate way, but that he had teased people in an attempt to be “playful”.

“I want New Yorkers to hear this directly from me,” Cuomo told a news conference on Wednesday, adding that he “supports women’s right to stand up.”

– I think it should be encouraged, he said.

He repeated that he «never touched anyone in an inappropriate way ».

– I did not even know that I made anyone uncomfortable. I’m sorry and embarrassed.

Cuomo has asked people to wait for the outcome of the investigation before making up their minds about the charges against him. He has also stated that he does not intend to resign from his position as governor, something several have demanded in recent days.

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