Cupid: «Love is not all joy and happiness, it has a dark side»

Cupid’s arrows fire again from today, returning to honor his name, his return to the stage is announced on Valentine’s Day. Together with the surprise unveiled last night at La Resistencia and the launch of a new and catchy ballad titled “The Wall”, the announcement of very small concert dates has arrived, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and the Warm Up and Vida festivals.

They themselves became known in October 2018 as “Your new favorite boyband,” and they got it right. What emerged as a declaration of intent with the objective of creating a sound that did not exist so far within the country, quickly positioned itself as a mass phenomenon. Sold Out in theaters, direct plagued by the public singing their lyrics and an environment of expectation with any step taken by the band.

Ésta Lend me a Feeling ’, the first disc of the Canarian-Barcelona formation that saw the light on February 14, 2019, distils a unique sound that blends bedroom pop, trap, lo-fi and psychedelia. Romantic and pop lyrics with autotune that hooks more than one generation. A new formula that fit from the zero minute with the release of its first single, the hypnotic “You Can’t Lie”.

His guitarist, Luichi Boy, talks about this return with ABC.

The new theme reminds me of “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. The piano notes in yours almost match those of Hendrix’s glockenspiel and everything … is it a conscious wink? unconscious? or chance?

Well, we hadn’t even thought about it. Our influences are broad but what can be perceived in this subject compared to the previous one is that it is a more organic theme. The melody is more naked and has certain classic reminiscences.

Were there any doubts about the type of song with which to present your return? Or did you have very clear what this had to be?

We were clear that this should be because it symbolizes a face that people may not know so much about the group. And there is also a dark side and love is not all joy and happiness.

Pimp Flaco shows a more intense sensitivity than usual when singing this song, do you agree? Is it the fruit of something in particular?

We think he sings it brutal. From the insides.

Will you get more new material soon?

Little by little we will reveal more things and when or in what way we will show it.

What plans do you have at the stylistic and sound level for the new stage of Cupid?

We are restless and what people hear now will sound different from the previous one. You can see an evolution in every way.

The question is forced … what momentarily stopped your career? How did you get out of that trance?

We were a group with less than a year of life and it was all very intense and out of control so we decided to stop. We took strength and prepared everything to return.

You had two Eight and Half full and others … at any time you feared that this break affected the trajectory of the group? Or did it even come to be dissolved?

No the truth. We believe that people understood it and now we have returned to offer two other concerts back in Madrid and Barcelona. We never left or said we were going to do it just that it began to rumble around.

What do you think Cupid’s arrival on the scene meant?

Well, it meant realizing the union of two worlds that were separated. We believe it is something cool, a sound that did not exist and is now there again.

What surprised you the most for the reception of Cupid by the public and critics? And something that will disappoint you?

Well, by the incredible public. After 5 days of playing in Madrid we had a concert and people already shouted the songs and that has been a constant during the rest of the concerts. And the critics have spoken very well about us and what we have taken out and if there is any that does not happen, nothing happens, we do not pretend nor will everyone like it.

Will Cupid redouble his festive presence next summer?

So far, Madrid March 12 in La Riviera and Barcelona March 26 in Apollo and some festivals have already confirmed as well. But we will take it with some more calm. .

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