CureVac will give free vaccine to Mexicans who participate in trial


CureVac will give free vaccine to Mexicans who participate in trial

CureVac will give free vaccine to Mexicans who participate in trial

With an initial participation of 2,000 inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, Nuevo León, our country will be included in Phase Three of the clinical study of the vaccine against covid-19 developed by the German company of biopharmaceutical products CureVac -whose distribution will be supported by Bayer pharmaceuticals, informed Michel Martínez, leader of the covid-19 program of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Health System (Tec Salud).

In a videoconference, the specialist pointed out that this research protocol, which begins this month, will be coordinated in Nuevo León, by Tec Salud, and among other things, its importance lies in verifying the development of a vaccine against coronavirus in the Mexican population .

He added that when more than half of the investigation of this phase three has been completed and the efficacy and safety of the CureVac vaccine – which will also be developed with messenger RNA technology – has been verified and verified, it will be applied in a free to participants, who in the protocol, have received a placebo.

What is being sought for Monterrey, because there are other centers open for Querétaro and Mexico City, two thousand volunteers. Half will receive the vaccine, the other half will receive placebo or nothing, but there is a commitment on the part of the company, that by doing the review in the middle of the study, which will be between months six and eight, to demonstrate the efficacy, the group that received the placebo will be notified and the vaccine will be offered free of charge “

Therefore, it is an opportunity for those groups, especially young people, who will have to wait until the end of next year or until the beginning of the next to be vaccinated, to access a vaccine with a very high expectation in terms of safety and efficacy ”, He detailed.

Michel Martínez pointed out that although there will be a rigorous selection to be able to participate in this Phase Three of the clinical study of the CureVac covid-19 vaccine, people over 18 years of age may participate, even those with comorbidities, but who are controlled by a doctor .

They are being requested to reside in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, because part of the monitoring during the investigation protocol will be carried out in person and also because closeness is needed, to be attended as quickly as possible, in case of reactions. adverse.

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