Curfew at 11 p.m., reopening of sports halls … A new phase begins this Wednesday …

7:06 am: What’s reopening today?

Resuming indoor sport or swimming in an indoor pool, enjoying your coffee indoors in the event of rain or going bowling … all this becomes possible again this Wednesday, after seven months of deprivation due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Three weeks after the reopening of terraces, cinemas and museums and specialized shops with reduced gauges, it is the second stage of deconfinement, with the added bonus of a curfew which passes to 11 p.m. instead of 9 p.m. In particular, this will allow spectators to enjoy the nightly matches of the Roland-Garros tournament.

From this Wednesday, cafes and restaurants can once again welcome the public indoors, at 50% of their capacity, which will allow many small establishments without a terrace or of an insufficient size to be profitable, to reopen. . They must keep, like sports halls, a reminder book to recontact customers in the event of contamination. At the same time, the terraces of cafes, restaurants and hotels can reopen completely with the only limit being tables of up to six people.

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