Curfew for Medellín and Antioquia the Reyes Bridge – Medellín – Colombia

Luis Fernando Suárez, governor in charge of Antioquia, announced several measures in view of the festive bridge of Reyes and in order that the number of new cases has increased in the department.

So, In the 125 municipalities of Antioquia, a curfew, dry and peak law, and ID will be applied.

According to Suárez, the ‘Curfew for life’ will apply from this Wednesday, January 6 and will extend until the Monday holiday, January 11, but it will be from 10 at night until 5:00 in the morning of everyday.

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In addition, the peak and ID measure will continue to be applied (between January 6 and 11) for the entire department, so that to attend places such as supermarkets and shopping centers, you can attend depending on the day.

If the day is even, those with the last number of their even number can enter, while for odd days it applies to odd days.

During these days there will also be a dry law, from Friday at 10 p.m. and until 11:59 p.m. on the Monday holiday, according to the governor in charge.

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“We are in one of the most complex moments of the pandemic, as indicated by the cases that are reported every day. For today we will be over 2,600 cases, the number of deceased people is increasing. 82 percent of the occupation, Aburrá valley 85 percent, and the most critical case is that of the eastern sub-region “, Suarez explained.

In addition, about 60 people are on the waiting list to be assigned an intensive care unit (ICU), between patients with covid-19 and those with other pathologies.

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Suárez pointed out that we are in the third order of the pandemic in the department.

Although the decree with these measures will be released in the next few hours, the governor (e) pointed out that travelers can move along the roads of the department, which is why the curfew is at night.

However, parties are still prohibited.


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