Curling: no room for error for the Swiss –

The Swiss are once again at the foot of the wall in Lillehammer. Peter De Cruz and his teammates were outclassed (7-1) by Scotland in the 7th round of the European Championships. Likewise, the Swiss skip Silvana Tirinzoni also lost 7-2 against Scotland and are now close to elimination.

The Genevans threw in the towel as soon as the regulations allowed them, at the end of the 6th end, with 6 stones behind. Their record now shows 4 defeats for 3 successes.

Access to the semi-finals is getting tougher but Switzerland has a good chance of getting there, if successful in its last two Round Robin matches, against Denmark (this Wednesday evening) and Germany (Thursday). .

Swiss women with their backs to the wall

Melanie Barbezat, Esther Neuenschwander, Silvana Tirinzoni and Alina Pätz are no longer in control of their destiny to reach the semi-finals. They have to count on a hypothetical victory for the Czech Republic – only two successes so far – against the Germans in their last game of the preliminary round on Thursday morning. For their part, the Swiss must win against Italy. They cannot afford to be tied with Germany, for lack of having lost the direct encounter.


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