Currency rates in Morocco today, Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Foreign exchange rates varied against the Moroccan dirham, the beginning of bank transactions today, Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The exchange rate of the euro against the Moroccan dirham reached 10.33 dirhams for purchase, and 12 dirhams for sale, according to the official website of the Moroccan Central Bank.

The average price of the pound sterling was 12.05 dirhams for purchase, and 14 dirhams for sale.

The price of the dollar settled at 8.65 dirhams for purchase, and 10.05 dirhams for sale.

The riyal, the dirham, and the dinar

The purchase price of the Saudi riyal against the Moroccan dirham was 2.30 dirhams, while the selling price was 2.68 dirhams.

The price of the UAE dirham at the Moroccan Central Bank was about 2.35 dirhams for purchase, and 2.73 Moroccan dirhams for sale.

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar against the Moroccan dirham came at 28.73 dirhams for purchase, and 33.39 dirhams for sale.

positive outlook

The Central Bank of Morocco expects the Kingdom’s economy to grow this year, despite the repercussions of Corona, with inflation remaining at moderate levels, stressing the stabilization of the interest rate.

The Central Bank of Morocco said that it kept the key interest rate unchanged at 1.5%, considering that the outlook for the economy is still surrounded by a high level of uncertainty.

The Central Bank confirmed that inflation averaged 1.7% in the months of April and May, compared to 0.7% in 2020, and 0.1% in the first three months of 2021.

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