Current Solutions to Pay for Motorcycle Parking Without Queuing

JAKARTA, – It is not uncommon to have long lines at the parking exit which take up a lot of time. Either because there was no change or the old clerk gave the change.

Reflecting on this, CariParkir one of Astra Digigal’s business branches launched a product, MotoPass. Head of Product CariP Parkir Hatta said that MotoPass is here to make it easier for two-wheeled riders, especially for those who frequently travel. The goal is to avoid long queues and not bother preparing cash for payment.

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Especially in a pandemic like today, the digital era is part of the lifestyle and needs of the community, including in terms of parking payments cashless and contactless.

“Cashless seems to have become a lifestyle, so here comes MotoPass, a simpler membership feature for pay for parking. Moreover, at times like this, preparing cash when paying for parking is often a hassle, ”said Hatta in a written statement, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

Motopass CariP Parkir released MotoPass to make it easier for two-wheelers to pay for parking

With MotoPass, two-wheelers can even save money. Because, with a subscription, motorists can park anywhere and anytime at CariP Parkir partners, only once paid.

MotoPass offers three subscription packages that can be customized based on your needs. The subscription package consists of a Platinum package which is priced at IDR 55,000 per month for 15 parking lots.

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There is also a Silver package specially provided for riders who may have traveled only a few times. The Silver Package can be used up to five parking lots for only IDR 20,000 for 12 days.

For those who actively use a vehicle and want to subscribe for two weeks following the work from home (WFH) or work from office (WFO) schedule, you can choose the Gold package which is priced at IDR 45,000 and can be used 10 times for 20 days.

“The mechanism is also quite easy. When leaving the CariP Parkir partner location, the driver can simply scan the QR code provided. After that, the payment was completed without preparing cash and waiting a long time, “said Hatta.


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