Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo (0-1): see goal, summary and best plays of the match at the Monumental for League 1 in Peru | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

lost 1-0 with by the fifth date of the local tournament. The imperial team has not joined three since the start of the championship, so the leadership opted for a change in the technical command, choosing Claudio Vivas as the new DT, however, it did not bear fruit. On the side of the ‘Rojo Matador’, adding was key. Especially to shake off the 5-1 they received with Peñarol in the Copa Sudamericana.

The first minutes of the game were attack by attack, with Jarlín Quintero in charge of opening the scoring, about nine minutes into the initial stage, to unleash the joy of Wilmar Valencia and the entire ‘Rojo matador’ bench.

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo he would go 1-0 at halftime. For the second stage, the Huancaínos saw how two of their players were expelled by double warning, complicating their aspirations to keep the three points of the duel for League 1 in the colossus of Ate.

Despite the onslaught of the team led by Claudio Vivas, the ‘Rojo Matador’ was able to hold the result until the end of the match, based on a solid defense and a sure Angel Zamudio, who filled his teammates with confidence with a good day.

With this result, Sport Huancayo it climbed to the third box of group B, five units from Sporting Cristal, the absolute leader of the series. Cusco FC, for his part, he stayed in position seven and is about to say goodbye to the first goal of the year, despite the change in DT.

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: match summary

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: summary of the match (Video: GOLPERU)

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: post match

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: this is how they formed

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: this was minute by minute

Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo: the preview

Cusco FC and Sport Huancayo they will see each other this Monday, April 26 from 3:30 pm at the Monumental Stadium. The match will be broadcast by the GOLPERU signal and can also be seen via streaming on Movistar Play. In Depor you will find the incidents, the minute by minute and the line-ups of the match.

Cusco FC it needs triumphs. The Cusco cast debuted in League 1 with a defeat and to date it has only added one point, with the tie against Ciencino. These results led the club board to ‘lower their finger’ on Carlos Ramacciotti and open the doors to Claudio Vivas, as the team’s new technical director.

In his presentation, Vivas stated that “andn the squad we have experienced players, we already know some of them. We know about the young people who are within the squad. Our first objective is to win the next game and we are excited to be able to transmit in a short time some concepts that can be demonstrated on the field of play”.

For its part, Sport Huancayo He arrives beaten, after the 5-1 loss to Peñarol last Thursday. The cast of Wilmer Valencia needs a mental victory, especially, due to the results that they have been adding in the local tournament, which place them in fourth place in the Group B table.

Now we have to get up from this fall that was hard. There are five games left. We have not started as we wanted, but there are important parts of the game in which we did things well. We have to rescue that. We must do an analysis of the mistakes we made”, Said in conference, after the duel of the Sudamericana.

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