customs officers built the frontier of the 21st century

STORY – With the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, France found itself facing a colossal stake following the establishment of a border with its neighbor across the Channel.

By redrawing the geographic contours of the Old Continent, Brexit breaks with the free cross-Channel movement of goods and people while putting French customs under singular pressure. France will have to reconcile the fluidity of a titanic traffic of goods and the security of supply of the Union of which it is becoming, de facto, the first point of entry and exit. “For the first time, we are rebuilding a border where we have tended to dismantle or simplify European crossings since the establishment of the large internal market in 1is January 1993», Summarizes Jean-Michel Thillier, interregional director of customs for Hauts-de-France.

The stakes are all the more colossal given that Great Britain is one of France’s main economic partners, with 56 billion euros in goods traded between the two countries in 2019, and some 150,000 French companies that trade with the United Kingdom. In total, a little

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