Cyber ​​City Fantasy RPG “Law of Time and Space” dual-platform launch and opening service special event first look-Bahamut

Distributed by SummertimeGame, the cyber city fantasy RPG “Law of time and space》(IOS / Android) officially launched on both platforms today (Tuesday). The official said that search officers who participated in the reservation and store reservation activities can go to the official pre-login page to check the relevant reward serial number. Rewards for reaching the total number of servers will be distributed in the game via email.

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First look at the opening special code

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Newcomers and new atmosphere, open service special codes to enjoy non-stop! Log in to the game now and accumulate days to get the Super Light Wing “Purple Knight”, the exclusive title “Legend Set”, the summer chat box “Colorful Paradise”, the limited fashion “Yin Yue Cool Thinking”, and two more Cool supercars “Green Life” and “Star Yaoying” are waiting for you!

Open service activities are endless

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  • Gift of Collecting Characters: Investigators will have a chance to get “character collecting props” by killing BOSS or receiving experience gains. Collect all the fonts to exchange for the lucky equipment treasure chest, open the thunder 3-star red outfit.

  • Perfect love: love for three generations, love for three generations! Let’s start a vigorous and perfect love! The investigator who successfully fulfills the conditions can obtain the love fashion “Snowy City” and the first love take part “Love Sweetheart”. There are also limited couple titles “Love for the Three Generations” and “Fate for the Three Generations of Love”. Bring them and announce to the world that they love each other!

  • Association Assembly: The strongest association assembly order, join the association to enjoy a limited time BUFF! Is a person’s power limited? Then, gather the power of everyone! Build the strongest society and win the title of honor!

  • Surprise goal: open the server and have a surprise, reach the goal and receive the prize! Participate in the whole server target competition, such as active value list, BOSS list level list, Qi Ling list, mecha list, etc. Limited fashion “Vitality Youth”, cool martial arts “Cool Play Freedom”, as well as a lot of generous gifts such as cars, portrait frames, back decorations, titles, etc.!

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It is officially announced that the pre-login event has reached the goal of 300,000 person-times, and all target rewards will be distributed through in-game mail. In order to celebrate the launch of the game, the official also held a service opening celebration. When the investigators participate in the activity, they will have the opportunity to get MyCard points and high-value game packs! For more game information and event content, please pay close attention to “Law of time and space“Official website.


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