‘Cyber ​​pandemic’ to emerge after coronavirus, Israeli expert warns

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A “cyber pandemic” is likely to follow the coronavirusAs many companies and governments around the world are rapidly moving to provide and receive online services without adequate protection against hackers, the founder and CEO of Israel’s largest cyber security company warned.

The coronavirus pandemic may be over, but we must protect ourselves from the looming cyber pandemic“, said Gil Shwed, founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. “We need to avoid it. We know it is going to happen and we have to make sure it doesn’t do as much damage as the original pandemic. “

Shwed spoke Sunday at a global electronic symposium that examined the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and infected millions of people, causing an unprecedented economic crisis caused by the closure of businesses and activities in an attempt to stop the spread of a deadly disease. The virus has also created “unprecedented opportunities” for hackersCheck Point cyber security researchers warned.

In a report released earlier this month, researchers at a $ 15.7 billion cyber security company said that ehe number of coronavirus-related cyberattacks increased by 30 percent in three weeks, with 192,000 such attacks worldwide each week.

As companies, hospitals, healthcare providers, and governments created websites or moved their operations to the Internet and the cloud in the face of blockages, and as more and more employees worked from home, hackers have found even more fertile ground to carry out their attacks by trying to find weaknesses in personal computers or cloud servers to access valuable information.

Businesses and governments have traditionally been structured to contain all of their most sensitive information in one place, but overnight, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of this changed, and entities have had to remove barriers to your information to make it available for remote access.

In the last three months, the technological evolution of companies and entities has been driven by five or even 10 years due to the coronavirusShwed said.

Some government services have shifted from having no online presence to having the Internet at the center of their activities overnight, he said. “And the level of security in many of them is too weak. That’s something we really need to toughen up on. “

All of this will also make cybersecurity change.

“Now we need to secure people’s computers at home so they don’t get hold of them,” Shwed said. “We need to learn about new thefts from a distance. We see a lot of “holes in the environment,” and we must learn about new developments from the hacker side. “

Companies moved tons of applications to the cloud very, very, quickly and we have to make sure this is a secure environment“, said. This is “very challenging” because the cloud environment is fairly new and the security levels for both websites and cloud-based applications are “very, very behind.”

The global electronic summit, called “The New Tomorrow,” to be held until June 3, is organized by the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, and will feature a list of speakers. from the health and technology industries and economists and business leaders who will discuss the new normal in response to the pandemic.

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