Cyber ​​attacks on Russia surge, foreign product reduction counter = Putin | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin said cyberattacks on Russia by foreign “national institutions” have swelled several times, and that cybersecurity needs to be strengthened by reducing the use of foreign-made software and hardware. .. Taken on May 9 (2022 Reuters / Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel / Pool via REUTERS)

[Reuters]–Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on the 20th that cyber attacks on Russia by foreign “national organizations” have increased several times, and cyber security will be reduced by reducing the use of foreign-made software and hardware. He stated that he needed to strengthen.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many state-owned enterprises and news sites have been hacked from time to time, often issuing information that conflicts with Russia’s official line of war in Ukraine.

“There are targeted attacks that defeat the Internet resources of Russia’s critical information infrastructure,” Putin said, accusing the media and financial institutions of being targeted. “There are serious attacks on the official websites of government agencies. There are far more attempts to break into the networks of major Russian companies,” he said.

Putin said at a security conference that Russia needs to improve information security in key sectors and switch to domestic technology and equipment.

“Restrictions on foreign IT, software and products have become one of the tools of sanctions pressure on Russia,” Putin said. “Many Western suppliers are unilateral in providing technical support for equipment in Russia.” It has stopped at. ” He pointed out that more and more cases are blocked after program updates.

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