CyberOne is Xiaomi’s full-scale humanoid bionic robot

Xiaomi CyberOne

I don’t know if I got it Tesla The influence of, after a year, there is already a robot dog CyberDog Xiaomi is now entering the field of bipedal robots. At the end of tonight’s Lei Jun speech/Mix Fold 2 presentation, the full-scale humanoid bionic robot CyberOne took to the stage in the form of “One More Thing”. It is 1.77 meters tall and weighs 52kg. Because it belongs to the “big man” in the robotics world, Xiaomi’s engineers gave it the nickname “Tie Da”, which echoes the CyberDog called “Iron Egg”.

“Tie Da” has a well-developed “cerebellum”, which can use algorithms to control 13 joints in the body and achieve 21 joint degrees of freedom. Its walking speed is 3.6 kilometers per hour, and you can see it walking in the video below. In order to make “Tie Da” have strong limbs, the development team configured it with 5 kinds of joint drives and 21 drive modules, which enables the robot to achieve a peak torque of up to 300Nm and a peak torque density of 96Nm/kg. In addition, CyberOne can also perceive 45 human semantic emotions and distinguish 85 environmental semantics, and use auditory, visual, and display modules to complete communication. At the same time, it can analyze the environment through Xiaomi’s self-developed 3D reconstruction algorithm, and the depth information accuracy within 8 meters reaches 1%.

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However, due to the high cost (currently between 600,000 and 700,000 RMB), CyberOne should not be able to mass-produce in the short term. And in terms of completion.At least its athleticism Atlas Such seniors are still far away, and the road ahead of “Tie Da” should still be long.

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