Cyberpunk 2077: artworks show Johnny Silverhand before Keanu Reeves arrival

Keanu Reeves has become the face of cyberpunk 2077, the Canadian actor lends his features and his voice to Johnny Silverhand, a revolutionary singer who occupies an important place in the scenario of the game of CD Project, more the character was obviously not thought of from him.

cyberpunk 2077 lea leonowicz johnny silverhand 03

An anonymous developer recently disclosed that Johnny had to be more cool and manic, inspired by Solid Snake et Cillian Murphy. And justly, the senior concept artist Lea Leonowicz shared on her account ArtStation a few artworks of Johnny Silverhand before Keanu Reeves joined the project, showing the rocker looking very similar to the end result, but with a much different face. Many outfits have been tried, smoking is never far away, but the character seemed even more casual. Funny thing, the mechanical arm of Johnny changes sides according to the drawings.

Cyberpunk 2077 comes as a reminder to upgrade to version 1.1, the changes are to be found in this article, and the game is still sold € 38.50 on Amazon.

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