Cyclone Freddy: “Incredible and dangerous journey”, towards a new longevity record?

According to the UN, Cyclone Freddy, which has recharged with humidity over the next few weeks, could break a longevity record.

Hurricane Freddy on her way to break a record. “Freddy continues his amazing and dangerous journey“said Clare Nullis, spokesperson for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), to the journalists in Genevanoted RTL.

Direction Mozambique

Cyclone Freddy headed again, this Friday, March 10, towards Mozambique, which it had already hit in February, specifies The worldcausing rain and flooding.

“There are already very important floods“, described this Saturday for AFP and quoted by The Tribune of Geneva Guy Taylor, UNICEF spokesperson, from Quelimane. “We saw people with water in their house, walking in water up to their knees. And this is just the beginning of the rainfall,” he continued.

Then he recharged with moisture and power in warm watersafter looping towards the coast, before hitting Madagascar, where the cyclone made four deadremind our colleagues.

As a reminder, Hurricane Freddy was born off the northern coast of Australia on February 6, 2023. At that time, it was still only a tropical storm. He becomes a cyclone tropical 33 days later.

For now, detail RTL which quotes the WMO, the current longevity record is held by Typhoon John, which lasted 31 days in 1994.

Once it dissipates, a WMO panel of experts on climate extremes will assess all the data to determine if a new record has indeed been set. The process may take several months, states TF1 Info.

According to a study published last April in Science Advanceby 2050, human-caused climate change will more than double, on average, the likelihood of the most intense tropical cyclones.

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