Cynthia Klitbo moves to Peru after ending her contract at Televisa

New challenge! Cynthia Klitbo surprised all his followers by revealing, in an interview with the program First hand who moved to Peru for labor issues.

During the conversation, the Mexican actress said that she will stay in our country for five months to be part of a comedy, which will consist of three seasons.

He anticipated that he will make a sitcom where he will play a frustrated woman dedicated to the show, but that is banned in Mexico.

“It is very funny, on the one hand, I have always wanted to go to other places, but I could not,” he said in the interview.

The exclusive contract that Cynthia Klitbo had with Televisa came to an end at the end of May. After that, the artist decided to consider the project to record in Peru, which is why it is installed in a department of Miraflores, according to what she detailed.

“It has an ocean view, it is in Miraflores, all that you see behind are palm trees and beach, I am very happy, “he explained to the entertainment journalist.

“I’m excited, Lima is very beautiful … it’s five months,” Cynthia Klitbo said about her new workplace. The driver Gustavo Adolfo Infante took the opportunity to ask him how things are going in Lima.

Finally, the actress said that her daughter, her assistant and her dogs have traveled with her and although her relationship with YouTuber Rey Grupero is going ‘from strength to strength’, she saw the positive side of the separation, since both have many projects in middle of the pandemic.

The ‘King Grupero’ shares an emotional farewell with Cynthia Klitbo

Luis Alberto Ordaz, known as “Rey Grupero”, published the capture of the moment when he says goodbye to his partner Cynthia Klitbo, who arrived in Peru to be part of a comedy project that will last three seasons, so the actress will stay away from his native Mexico for five months.

The clip shows the 53-year-old famous woman quite affected by the separation and the stress she suffered when boarding the plane. According to the youtuber, an airport employee delayed his partner’s plans with terrible attention.

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