Cyril Féraud “asexual”: this surprising anecdote on his debut on TV

VIDEO - Cyril Féraud

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VIDEO – Cyril Féraud “asexual”: this surprising anecdote on his debut on TV

Before hosting Slam on France 3, Cyril Féraud took his first steps on Disney Channel. The 36-year-old presenter revealed the odd demands of the channel, during an interview with C à vous, this Friday, October 8.

At 36, Cyril Féraud has already a long television career behind him. Before animating the game Slam, the presenter of France 3 took his first steps on Disney Channel, in 2004, from the age of 19. In charge of the shows Art Attack and Zapping Zone, the young journalist had also lied about his age, claiming to be 21 years old. On the set of C to you, this Friday, October 8, Cyril Féraud revealed how the chain with big ears controlled the appearance of its animators. “We weren’t allowed to say we were driving cars, we were going in the evening. In fact, we had to be like big brothers / big sisters, asexual (s), who had no life “, he confided, while acknowledging that he had a “big pressure”.

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Besides the appearance of its hosts, Disney Channel was also careful about what they said on the air. Fussy control taken to the extreme according to Cyril Féraud, host of The Treasure Map. At the time, the presenter of Zapping Zone was to host a special Halloween program, taking care to ban certain words from his vocabulary, including “skeleton”, “spells”, “witch” and “death” ! “I say : ‘So once we say pumpkin, What do we tell ?'”, he remembered with humor on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. These strict rules, to say the least, were not unnecessary. By his own admission, these allowed him to learn how to do “very, very careful” to his way of expressing himself on television.

An emblematic presenter of France 3

Native of Dignes-les-Bains, Cyril Féraud was only 16 years old when he sent to the production of Fort Boyard ideas for trials. TV fan, the young host was also Olivier Minne’s assistant, the keeper of the Fort, for several seasons. He was then spotted by the Française des Jeux (FDJ), to present a new version of the Loto live. From now on, Cyril Féraud is making the best of France 3, at the helm of Slam for more than ten years, but also public service event evenings, notably Spectacular, with Jean-Marc Généreux on France 2.

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