Cyril Hanouna intervenes on the set of TPMP because of a skid, find out what happened live

A few weeks ago, on October 6, 2020, Cyril Hanouna was forced to intervene live as people attempted to enter on the key board not at my post.

If you watch the show, you probably know that the host gives voice to a lot of people and he doesn’t hesitate to help them when they find themselves in need. However, the situation did not degenerate as some may think.

It is for this reason that if it was initially an incident, it quickly turned into a fairly cordial speech. Cyril Hanouna shows once again that he is very responsive.

Indeed, the presenter of Take it or leave it offered to these demonstrators to explain themselves. Cyril Hanouna is always very responsive in these situations, which is not always the case in other shows. The latter can for example force the demonstrators to leave with the intervention of the guards without the word being given. The famous Baba does not do this since he always wishes to listen to those who have grievances.

Cyril Hanouna gives the floor to a protester

If you were able to watch the latest shows from BTP or even TPMP, you have seen that Cyril Hanouna gave a voice to all those in difficulty and he did not hesitate to help families in distress, in particular by offering them gifts. Last October, the situation was chaotic and it still is, especially for all those who work in the entertainment world. The protester explains that the intermittents have nothing left and that the system has completely abandoned these workers. The current crisis is not helping matters at all, leaving these professions in great difficulty.

  • Cyril Hanouna decides to let the protester explain himself while security is about to intervene.
  • The host stops the show shortly after 8:40 p.m. and asks his team to leave the man who appears upset.
  • He offers the man to give him the floor again, but in Balance your Post, a program that deals a little more with the facts of society.
  • The butlers were therefore able to share their rant and Cyril Hanouna knew how to listen to them.

A few weeks later, he again went to see demonstrators outside the premises of TPMP, still giving a voice to these people who were devastated by the health and economic crisis.

Will Cyril Hanouna still be on the air?

In recent months, there have been rumors concerning the presence or not of Cyril Hanouna on the air. The last TPMP show was an opportunity to dot the i’s and the presenter said he had a contract with the Canal group for three years. However, he left doubts about a possible place on C8 or on another channel of the group. Some thought he could host TPMP on a channel other than the one known for a few years. In any case, the rumors seem false, because Cyril Hanouna does not intend to leave his post as presenter. The audiences are still there.

Be aware that the reactions in TPMP are not always well understood or appreciated. Indeed, if Internet users do not hesitate to tackle Cyril Hanouna’s explanations or his jokes, others greatly like his frankness. On the M6 ​​channel side, the bell sound is quite different. Indeed, the latter felt that certain comments were not accepted and that Cyril Hanouna and his chroniclers tended to go beyond the limits for critics. As a result, the channel has decided to suspend any partnerships. Cyril Hanouna spoke on Twitter in particular to explain that he did not necessarily understand this explanation, because he has always been much more tender with M6 than with C8.

Internet users have also spoken to support Cyril Hanouna since he often considers all the people of the M6 ​​channel as “friends”. The sequel may be discussed when the show returns in January, because for now, it’s the holidays.

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