Cyril Hanouna warns of a great danger …

The day after a debate on extreme makeover TV programs, on November 19, on the TPMP set, programs involving children were at the heart of the debates. Cyril Hanouna welcomed for the occasion Satine Wallé, candidate for tele-hook The Voice, who suffered mockery then threats, and violence, before being forced to move from her home, to find peace.

The host asked his team if the smaller competitions were dangerous. He who appreciated the maturity of his young guest also offered her a post around his columnist table, assuring the teenage girl with purple hair: “I love you incredibly“.

But this debate was above all an opportunity to talk about harassment. Become a national cause, (supported in particular by the first lady Brigitte Macron) Baba explained that he was very worried. The television man has indeed confided on this subject: “Even I am extremely afraid for my children“…

He believes that Lino and Bianca, who are the little ones “of a person who does television, who is extremely exposed”, “can have things sometimes in classThis is why, this attentive dad reveals that he asks them regularly if they have been bored at school or on the Web, to better protect them.



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