Cyril Linette, CEO of PMU, dismissed after an extraordinary AGM

The ordinary general assembly of the members of the GIE PMU met on Thursday evening “ended the functions of general manager of Cyril Linette as of this evening”, according to a press release from the PMU.

Cyril Linette is leaving “as of this evening” his functions of general manager announces the PMU in a press release. This decision was taken during the ordinary general assembly of the members of the GIE PMU gathered this Thursday evening. The board of directors will meet on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, in order to organize the interim of general management, it is added without further details.

“He was dismissed unanimously for misconduct,” a person who attended the general assembly told AFP. “He defended himself with emotion and denounced a lack of support from the three presidents (of France Galop, of the Trot and of the PMU, editor’s note) for several months,” added this source who wished to remain anonymous.

The extraordinary general meeting had been convened to deliberate on the “dismissal for fault” of the general manager Cyril Linette accused of having “been recently guilty of acts which undermine the GIE”, an economic interest group.

Cyril Linette denounces an “emergency eviction”

The GIE PMU has 57 members: the non-profit associations France Galop and Le Trot – parent companies of PMU -, as well as 55 regional racing companies. Cyril Linette is accused of having taken “contradictory positions in the management of the Thémis project, publicly changing his mind without any prior consultation with the board of directors, while sending accusatory letters against the administrators. and parent companies “, according to the summons.

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It would also have, says the text, “created conditions of mistrust with regard to members of the GIE and parent companies” and “a conflicting social climate”. Denouncing an “emergency eviction”, Cyril Linette said in a video prior to the GA that he would defend himself “step by step against this attempted dismissal”.

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