Dacia is preparing a facelift for Duster. With Sander’s elements and a better version on LPG, it will be shown in the spring

The modernized Dacia Duster will probably take over the elements of the new Sander. Whether we are talking about the external appearance or, for example, a multimedia system.

Dacia Duster is a long-term sales hit of the Romanian carmaker. But time is moving forward, the current generation introduced itself in 2017, and so is the time for its facelift. The brand will leave nothing to chance for such a key model, and it intends to introduce Duster’s facelift this year. And very soon!

Based on internal sources, the French media informs that the modernized Duster will be presented to the world at the end of April, ie in less than three months. Despite the upcoming premiere, however, we do not know much about the car, although some of the news can be boldly estimated.

The modernized Duster should use, for example, a new light signature with a double letter ypsilon motif. This is to become the new hallmark of the brand’s model line, presented earlier on the Spring and Sandero models, and so it should also be taken over by a compact SUV. We have already indicated how this detail could be processed on Duster by the design of our court graphic artist Honza Lušovský.

However, the overall style will probably be preserved, just because it has become popular over the years and has not changed much in the intergenerational change in 2017. Likewise, let’s not expect the new manufacturer’s logo indicated on this year’s Bigster concept. only in the distant future.

Sander is also expected to use a new multimedia system with the ability to mirror the functions of smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In any case, a more drastic change of cabin is not excluded. The derived Renault Duster, sold for example in South America or Russia, has a differently designed dashboard, and so it is proposed that it will also be used by the modernized Dacia for Europe. However, this is not confirmed.

The range of engines should not differ significantly, just because all available units – 1.0 TCe (67 kW), 1.0 TCe LPG (74 kW), 1.3 TCe (110 kW), 1.5 Blue dCi (70 and 85 kW) meet current emission standards. However, due to fleet emissions, the ATV is expected to remain only for the most powerful engines. For this reason, moreover, a more affordable utility variant N1 has recently emerged, to which such strict emission limits do not apply.

However, the machine is said to be returning in the form of a double-clutch EDC gearbox. According to behind-the-scenes reports, the one-liter three-cylinder for LPG will then receive larger gas tanks, the volume of which should increase from 34 to 49 liters. We will soon find out whether this will really be the case.



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