“Dacia Spring Electric Car: Recalls, Fires and Controversies”

2023-05-29 19:27:58


Launched on the electric vehicle market in March 2021, the cheapest EV in Europe, Dacia Spring has also managed to come close to the Tesla Model 3 as the second most exported electric car -made in China-, with 17,398 units sold.

Acclaimed by experts, the Dacia Spring has received a lot of praise since its presentation. Green NCAP considers it the most efficient vehicle for sale that it has tested so far. Things were going pretty well until May 11, when a unit caught fire in Romania around 5 p.m. local time. A Dacia Spring completely destroyed in an alleged battery fire. Although the exact causes of this incident are yet to be determined by experts, the owner claims to have visual evidence showing that the fire started in the battery located under the car.

Needless to say, a tragedy could have happened if the car caught fire while driving at high speed or while parked in a garage. Importantly, the very first reported incident, involving a Dacia Spring, occurred in November 2022 in Italy, when a vehicle caught fire in a car park while being charged.

Also, in December 2022, the Romanian electric model faced its first official recall campaign. In France, Dacia recalled around 1,100 vehicles to carry out this replacement operation. Although the Romanian brand did not disclose the precise number of units affected, it is possible that this intervention affected several thousand cars, or even more than 10,000.

Separately, in Romania, more than 1,700 units could be affected by what appears to be a software bug that could cause a dashboard warning and ultimately prevent the car from starting. Therefore, more than 1,700 Dacia Spring owners would have to take their car to a service center and have it checked. According to Dacia representatives in Romania, no less than 1,730 Dacia Spring electric cars manufactured in 2022, between July and October, were recently recalled. According to local press, these cars are prone to charging unit malfunction.

Dacia’s troubles don’t stop there. In March 2023, the French justice ordered the French car group to provide essential documents to advance an engine fault case, known as “Motorgate”. This case dates back to 2019, when nearly 400,000 vehicles were affected by a serious fault that could cause engine failure.

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