Daeil Kim Goblin Open world game for the whole family

Pearl Abyss (CEO Jeong Kyung-in) has released a game overview video of the new ‘DokeV’.

In the overview video, general producer Kim Dae-il, lead producer Kim Sang-young, and game designer Nam Chang-ki explained the intention of producing ‘Goblin’.

Executive Producer Kim Dae-il said, “I started developing it with the idea of ​​making a game that the whole family can play and have adventures with the goblins.” Also, referring to the homage to the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie that I watched as a child, he said, “I thought that a different game would come out if the characteristics of an open world action-adventure were well harmonized.”

Lead Producer Kim Sang-young said, “As a father, I want to make a game that Goblin wants to play with children,” and “I want it to be a game that can be loved by many people and can laugh while empathizing with children.”

Game designer Nam Chang-ki introduced the action nature of Goblin. “The battle scenes were developed so that they could be enjoyed by the public while incorporating the action style of the Pearl Abyss,” he said.

‘Goblin’ is an open world action-adventure game where the main character sets out to find a goblin with a unique worldview. The player can meet and collect various goblin as the story of the goblin progresses. In this process, the goblin-related A special event occurs, and you can acquire a goblin while proceeding with a unique story.

After the new gameplay trailer was released, it has been well received by gamers around the world. Detailed information about ‘Goblin’ can be found on the official website.

Seo Dong-min, reporter for Hankyung.com Game Talk

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