Daft Punk announces split in explosive video

The French electro duo have uploaded a video called “Epilogue” which announces the end of their collaboration after 28 years of career.

« 1993-2021 “. So many years of dancing to iconic hits that contributed to the emergence of the French touch, such as Around the world, Get Lucky or Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. In this nearly eight-minute video, taken from their film Electrome released in 2006, the two helmeted Parisians stage their separation through a heartbreaking clip. Alone in the desert, far from the hustle and bustle, the duo blows up one of its members and the other then walks towards the horizon. Their press secretary confirmed the separation to AFP.

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« When asked if Daft Punk no longer exists, their longtime agent Kathryn Frazier confirmed the news but gave no reason for the split. “, Explained in the wake of the American magazine Pitchfork. Unveiled Monday, February 22, the video made a large number of Internet users react, accumulating in just a few hours (at 5 p.m.) more than 450,000 views and almost 6.3 million before midnight (the same day!).

Throughout their career, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have maintained the mystery by always appearing masked. They have become very rare, making each of their releases an event: in nearly three decades of career, they have released four albums, all crowned with success. This sad news is enough to disappoint the many fans who were firmly awaiting the return of the two Frenchmen, and believed in a future album soon. Until recently, Twitter was on fire to say they could make a Super Bowl halftime appearance. To be satisfied, it will now be necessary to draw on their discography spread over nearly 28 years of career, from 1993 and 2021. As their epitaph reminds us.

The announcement of the separation of the electro duo has put Twitter into turmoil, generating an average of 32 tweets per second, according to the firm Visibrain. They who were so famous for their hit One more time (“Again”) will never make music together again. After all, the end of a story is human, it’s also the name of one of their album (“Human After All»).

Ambassador of French electro

The duo was, since thunderous and abrasive Homework (1997), the greatest ambassador of French electro. An indestructible status solidified with three other successes each time worldwide, Discovery (2001), Human After All (2005), Random Access Memories (2013) with the essential hit Get Lucky, as well as outstanding stage performances.

It had been fourteen years since Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, friends since high school, had not performed in concerts, except for very rare appearances during televised ceremonies.

An absence, coupled with a strategy of media silence adopted from their beginnings – we do not officially know their faces, hidden under a robot helmet – which inevitably arouses expectations, fantasies and desires.

Nugget of the past

Their anonymity was also a running-gag of the film Eden by Mia-Hansen Love. While their records are broadcast everywhere, the two young men can not enter the Parisian evenings where they are invited, because the physiognomists at the entrance do not know their features.

In recent years, the Parisian duo with six Grammys gleaned in the United States had been content to collaborate with the Canadian The Weeknd for two titles, Starboy and I Feel It Coming, before producing the song Overnight of the Australian group Parcels.

At the beginning of the year, a nugget had resurfaced. A new “set” had just been found 25 years later, recorded on two banal audio cassettes forgotten at the bottom of a shoebox. A little gem discovered by chance, near Avignon.

At the origin of this discovery, Benoît Chow, 25, was barely born when the pioneers of the French Touch performed this Saturday, November 18, 1995, on the stage of the Privé, the discotheque that his father ran at the time, in Les Angles ( Gard), in the suburb of the city of the Popes.

But he had heard of that time. “I found a box of K7 that I knew and I started to look at what was really in it, and I saw these K7!”, Explained the young man to AFP. A treasure that is even more valuable today.


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