Daft Punk leaves us with “the burning desire to party”

That’s it, the founders of the French touch have hung up their helmets. The opportunity for this journalist from the Southgerman newspaper to write them a fiery declaration of love: like an ode to the retrofuturistic genius of the famous duo, at a time when the irrepressible desire to find the dancefloor wins us over.

Maybe it was in a nightclub in Tübingen or Berlin, in Burton upon Trent or in São Paulo, Johannesburg, Zurich-Uetliberg or Paris. No matter where people first heard Daft Punk’s music, their memories are likely to be quite similar.

It had been a long time since house and techno, with a beat whose incessant flow was synonymous with liberation in the 1990s, proclamation or pure entertainment – or both – were nothing new. We got used to it, day after day, they didn’t awaken much. And then, yes, then happened From Funk, by Daft Punk. And for a moment, we thought we were going to rediscover everything for the first time. One More Time. Like a baby dancing on legs that are too long, with Air Jordans that are too big and a vodka-Red Bull that is too full in his hand.

So many tubes have disappeared, forgotten, but it is certain that everyone still remembers the weight of Funk. The sound, which initially looked like it came from a portable radio three blocks away. Rhythm which, at first glance, had something quite awkward, inelegant about it. Until your own body gets in on it, gets carried away by the jerky tempo and nasal melody, lets them devour everything, from ear to ear to brain. Before sinking in the monstrous station wagon, which sounded like someone had poured mercury into a fax machine to send it somewhere else. It was a sign that something could still happen. Even if, for a brief moment, it was indeed believed that the most important revolutions of mankind had already taken place.

The era of Helmut Kohl

Daft Punk, they were two French musicians, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and on February 22, they announced – in an enigmatic, absolutely strange YouTube video, and by a particularly laconic press release – that they were separating. Nothing is known of the reasons. Anyway, it’s been a few years since they produced any music or any other nonsense.

But if the public, as a whole, was shocked, it was even more astonished, dumbfounded even, by something else: the realization that this all went back a long way. Daft Punk’s primal experience, strobe images, that electrical contact between the tip of the tongue and the sour candy of the future.

At the time, Helmut Kohl was still in the Chancellery of


Joachim Hentschel

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