Dai Ziying squeezed the economy class green camp and blamed Ma Ying-jeou for his anger: How wasteful is the DPP? -Politics-China Times News

Yang Zhidou, director of the Kuomintang Taipei City Councillor Luo Zhiqiang’s office, posted a picture on Facebook. (Photo/taken from Yang Zhidou’s Facebook)

The Chinese delegation to the Tokyo Olympics took a chartered flight by China Airlines on the 19th, but all the national players took economy class, including Dai Ziying after the badminton world ball, which caused controversy. Taipei City Councillor Xu Shuhua of the Democratic Progressive Party stated that this was caused by the organizational reforms carried out during the Ma government. The Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Luo Zhiqiang Office Director Yang Zhidou criticized that the Democratic Progressive Party has been in full power for five years, and Ma Ying-jeou was blamed for the incident. How wasteful can the party be?”

Xu Shuhua posted a statement on Facebook on the 20th, alleging: “The organizational reforms carried out during the Malaysian government, when the Sports Committee, which was originally a first-level ministry, was downgraded to the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education. Both budget and manpower were affected. There are often problems with transportation, appearance fees, insurance premiums, etc. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the embarrassment of players bringing their own instant noodles to eat.”

In response, Yang Zhidou fought back on Facebook: “Ma Ying-jeou is blamed on the accident. How bad can the DPP be?” Yang said bluntly that the green camp in the economy class incident has indeed moved Ma Ying-jeou to rescue. They have been in full power for 5 years, and the DPP has returned. It’s really ridiculous, but after reading Xu Shuhua’s article, he just wanted to ask the DPP: “Do you treat the people as idiots?”

Yang Zhidou pointed out that the so-called government is not the bigger the better. Almost all governments all over the world face the same problem. The staff and business are getting more and more complicated, but the efficiency is getting worse. Ma Ying-jeou promotes the transformation of the organization and uses streamlined manpower in exchange for administrative efficiency. , How can hinder the reform of sports? Yang emphasized that the people are angry because President Tsai Ing-wen can’t even manage charter flights, and officials who sit in business class but squeeze in economy class. This kind of thing can be handled as long as a college student is given enough budget. You’re so crooked, you still have the face to review Ma Ying-jeou?

Yang Zhidou even said: “The DPP has not done anything for the five years in power. Xu Shuhua said that a “Sports Department” will be established. With the DPP’s ruling standard, apart from making more money and inserting rewards, this can reform sports. It’s a ghost if you believe in you!”

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