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solar October 16, 2021, 2021 lunar eclipse Matches on Saturday, the 10th waxing moon, the 11th month, the year of the Ox, Trisaka, Chulalongkorn 1383 rising sun Time 06.09 a.m. real noon at 12:04 p.m. sunset at 5:59 p.m.sunset at 03.06 a.m.

today Time 00.00-11.30 The auspicious occasion or Vesiyo of the auspicious time, Desatri means crossing the land, means the auspicious occasion of cross-country traders, at 11.31-24.00 hrs. Have a high position and position Saturday – Sinful times according to the gala time 00.00-06.09 hrs. – Perform auspicious activities on the auspicious occasion of Thesatri Ruek category from 06.10-24.00 hrs. – Do not perform auspicious activities. Auspicious direction – Udon direction (North) Unfortunate direction – Thaksin direction (South) Color of the day – Black Lucky color – blue, blue, unlucky color – fresh green The zodiac that the star Sri Sathit – Scorpio The zodiac sign of Kali – Virgo

born today boy a good looking person Strong-minded, courageous, solemn, persevering in work and duties, speaks with people’s hearts, has a forethought, good memory, predicts accurately, intelligent, prudent, knowledgeable, loves to fight, often outspoken. will grow up to be full of wealth good financial position girl a good looking person Calm disposition with a strong mind love life solitude strictly in order Strong-minded, courageous, like to study, study well, have morals, sincere, will have patrons, will be reasonable, meticulous, thrifty, have high responsibility. Likes to be in the background and introverted.

born on sunday will receive a gift from a loved one There are many people of the opposite sex who are interested. Before you agree with someone, you should learn and investigate the history carefully. The opposite sex will come to support. will be able to work in accordance with their knowledge and abilities Opportunity to work part-time in social services work related to the public as well It will be appreciated by adults and related persons.

born on monday You should listen to the advice of those around you. There will be a trip to attend important events and have the opportunity to get to know people at a high level. Official competitors will come to ask for reconciliation. Listen carefully and don’t trust him too much. because it will cause damage to you later should be prudent and adhere to accuracy Relationships with other people should be traced well to their history.

born on tuesday Should be prudent and cautious with good mood. Rushing makes it easy to make mistakes. will be able to use their unique knowledge and skills Adults and colleagues will provide great support. But you still have silent enemies trying to cause damage. Therefore, you should be careful. should stay calm and be aware of the events Know how to put aside some things that should be ignored, it won’t be a problem.

born on wednesday If you have money left over, you should save it for some time of necessity. Be careful that there will be problems in love affairs. There are conflicting opinions with lovers. Therefore, mutual understanding should be adjusted. Business negotiations are going well. have a new colleague Problems that will arise from work can be solved. By relying on knowledge and ability as well as modern working equipment.

born on thursday will get a satisfying job have more expenses Therefore, you should be careful with your spending. Because it may be wasting money unnecessarily. You should listen to the advice of those around you. will have a better performance There will be things that need to be spent on relatives and close friends. Should be prudent and financially strict Don’t use the wrong money You should take good care of your health.

born on friday will get to work in a charitable organization met with many people The work that is done requires imagination and analysis. will be able to work appropriately to the maturity Should find some free time to study and gain some knowledge and experience. Investments and reserves should be prudent. If there is a problem with the property, it can be solved. will have extra income or get cash back

born on saturday Servants and colleagues gave good support. The works that have been made appear. have the opportunity to learn more will be tasked with lobbying for important negotiating contacts Relying on unique knowledge and skills to make the job successful should stand on the right principles and rationale Know how to make short and long installments according to the situation.

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