Daily Horoscope for September 1, 2021 – Daily News

solar September 1, 2021, 2021 lunar eclipse It corresponds to Wednesday, the 9th day of the waning moon, the 9th month, the year of the Ox, Trisok Chulachak 1383. rising sun Time 06.06 a.m. real noon at 12:19 p.m. sunset at 6:30 p.m. moon rise Time 02.04

today Time 00.00-10.18 hrs. Moon eats Maruekhasira, the fifth lunar new star, Sawew Thesatri Ruek or Vesiyo Ruek Thesatri means cross-country, means the auspicious occasion of cross-country traders. Time 10.19-24.00 6 consists of the goddess of auspiciousness, Devi means queen, meaning a woman of high status Wednesday – Doomsday according to the time of year 00.00-24.00 – Do not do auspicious things Auspicious direction – Western direction (north west) unfortunate direction – southeast (Southeast) Color of the day – green Lucky color – purple tabaek flower Unlucky color – pink Taurus The zodiac sign of Kali – Leo

born today boy Being honest, negotiating with weight, clear, trustworthy, know how to negotiate, polite and courteous. Work on speaking, writing, public relations Communication, travel, transportation, if working in two careers will be long and stable. cannot depend on relatives If ordained, it will prosper. girl kind-hearted, with luck and philanthropy good looking Intelligent faith in religion have mercy and support The future is prosperous and famous.

born on sunday Being impulsive or self-deprecating can easily lead to problems with coworkers. Will be assigned to run, contact, negotiate, coordinate important and have high responsibility. are satisfied with their work will have special work have fortune as a wealth of money This makes it possible to solve immediate problems within the right time.

born on monday will be able to participate in social activities in charities should stay calm knowing the events to overcome obstacles have the opportunity to travel because of work Will be admired by adults and friends as well as people with relationships. Get lucky from old works, get old things, get a share of the interests that are in other people’s hands and long overdue.

born on tuesday will be supported by colleagues as well Trouble will be resolved will be trained to have more knowledge Being innovative, being able to pioneer and create something different from others. make success in work life The matter of property and money should be prudent, clear and transparent, easily verifiable.

born on wednesday Dare to think, dare to say, dare to do will make you successful. have the opportunity to study and train with additional knowledge There is always something that needs money. both necessary and necessary expenses Relatives and relatives have increased expenditures. Financial documents should be inspected at all times. have traveled to participate in important activities have the opportunity to get to know people at a high level

born on thursday Work should not change at the provocation of friends without knowing the direction of the future. By relying on knowledge, abilities, as well as modern equipment to make the job successful. have the opportunity to participate in social work Work duties should be clearly assigned to the servants. It will be popular with adults and colleagues.

born on friday will be supported by adults and colleagues Property that is thought to have been lost will be returned. Beware of financial losses Will get a share of the benefits that are in the hands of others and are long overdue. Love gradually settles, fresher and brighter Singles will find love If you have money left over, you should save it for use in times of necessity. have important work to do

born on saturday have the opportunity to participate in social work successful business negotiations Friends recommend new jobs to do so that they can work in charities. It is a work that requires imagination and analysis. As for those who have not yet got a job, they will get a job that is satisfying. Being impulsive or self-absorbed, or having frequent anger can easily make things happen.

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