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Seventh inning

In the 7th inning, Yuhito Takahama knocked on the base, Yumaton Imagawa played on behalf of Yumaton K, and Ryuyo Sato made up for an ace, but Ojidai Asama beat down K and Ryota Iwata was also assassinated by Lotte’s beauty technique. , The ham returned without success.

Sixth inning(Ham 0: 4 Lotte)

In the 6th inning, Nishimura Tianyu boarded the relay, domineering and soaring 3K for the first time in this campaign, letting the Lotte hitter three up and three times.

In the 6th inning, Taki hit too much and continued to suppress the ham beater, and Nomura Yuki, Kondo Kensuke and Wang Bairong all knocked out flying balls.

Fifth game(Ham 0: 4 Lotte)

In the 5th round, Suzuki Ochi and Watanabe Karaki both knocked on base, but failed to continue the offensive in the end.

In the 5 innings, Sato Ryuyo knocked on base, but the next three ham hitters failed to contribute.

Fourth round(Ham 0: 4 Lotte)

In 4 innings, Dae Ito was knocked 2 ann and allowed Eito Asamura to pick up four bad balls to take, Rakuten attacked the full base, but then he stabilized the K and dropped Shimanuchi Hiroaki, and smoothly resolved the crisis of losing points.

In the 4th inning, Wang Bairong knocked out of the world, Gaohama Yuren also knocked out a flying ball, and Takuya Nakajima, who came up to replace Ishii Kazushin, failed to swallow K. Ham suffered three hits and three hits.

Third round(Ham 0: 4 Lotte)

After 3 innings and 2 outs, Mogi Eigoro knocked on base, and Bian Jiaming only knocked the earth out without transition.

In the 3 innings, catcher Ryo Ishikawa hit a hit as soon as he came up, but then the ham hitter still failed to grasp the opportunity and returned without success.

Second round(Ham 0: 4 Lotte)

After 2 innings, Lotte’s offensive started again, relying on 4 hits in series and 3 points to get a 4-0 lead.

In the second game, Wang Bairong was the first hitter in the game. Facing Taki hit the very first goal, he made a great shot and hit a far-reaching fly ball. Unfortunately, the ball flew out of bounds at the end. Ishii Kazunori hit a deep second base hit, Sato Ryuyo only knocked out a fly ball, leaving the second base smashed.Ishii Kazucheng was suspected of being injured while running, and after the end of the round, he retired to rest.

Game 1 (Ham 0:1 Lotte)

In the first inning, Yamazaki hit the right field second base as soon as he came up, Okajima made up another one, Yamazaki just advanced to third base, and then used Asamura Eito’s high-flying sacrifice and ran back to home base. Take down Lotte’s broken egg points.

After 1 inning and 2 outs, Nomura Yuki relied on the four bad ones to go to base, but Kensuke Kondo only knocked out the fly ball out of the game.

Starting lineup

Japanese ham first

1 (Middle) Ryota Isobata
2 (Left) Haruki Nishikawa
3 (3) Yuki Nomura
4 (Right) Kensuke Kondoh
5 (refers to) Wang Bairong
6 (1) Yuto Takahama
7 (Yu) Kazunari Ishii
8 (2) Ryusei Sato
9 (Catch) Shimizu Yuxin

Starting pitcher Hiromi Ito

Lotte Golden Eagle first mover

1 (tour) mountain 﨑 just
2 (Right) Takero Okajima
3 (two) Asamura Eito
4 (finger) Hiroaki Shimauchi
5 (1) Daichi Suzuki
6 (3) Eigoro Mogi
7 (Left) Yoshiaki Watanabe
8 (Middle) Rui Okoye
9 (Capture) Ginjiro Sumitani

Starting pitcher Taki hits too

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