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Dakahlia teacher: Personal freedom remains at home… and I took my punishment from what happened “video”

The story of the teacher “Aya Youssef”, known in the media as a teacher, continues DakahliaEveryone talked about Egypt, as she said in an interview with “The Seventh Day TV”: “Keep in mind that we are Egyptians and we are exporting a picture of Egypt to the whole world, and the impression must be good, and not all of our scandals remain on the social media, because other countries target Egypt.”

The Dakahlia teacher said that she always says about herself that she is “a very good person”, and when asked about returning to school trips and participating in them, she said: “If I came out, I would politely and remain silent,” noting that she agreed with the owners of the response that personal freedom is at home and not in front of people. , adding that her family was supportive of her and stood by her after understanding the situation.

Aya Youssef, who is known in the media as the teacher of Dakahlia, told “Youm Seventh TV”: “I was in a state of collapse from all the people who were standing against me, and every time I opened Facebook, all the people’s words were verse by verse, and what happened I took my penalty for.”

When asked about the idea of ​​personal freedom, the Dakahlia teacher said: “Personal freedom remains in your home and is not outside, because in fact personal freedom stays at home and not outside, and I was happy because of the many pressures and so many problems, I was happy for 6 minutes when the file was closed and the situation ended, and I went down to my school and tried to live my life I study for my family and I study for myself and I see my future, and when the minister’s decision was issued, I was happy because my future is rash, and I am still studying, and I am completing my master’s and discussing my thesis, and everyone is photographing me while I am discussing my master’s thesis.


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