Dakar 2021: the French biker Pierre Cherpin has died

The amateur biker Pierre Cherpin died Thursday evening on his arrival in France, in the medical flight which repatriated him from the Dakar. Sunday, during the 7th stage of the course which takes place this year in Saudi Arabia, he had suffered a severe fall which had caused a serious head trauma. Aged 52, he had been plunged into a coma in an attempt to preserve him, while he was undergoing emergency surgery.

After that Europe 1 broke the sad news, his racing team confirmed it on Facebook : “Pierre left us as a result of an acute fever probably of cerebral origin in the medical plane that dropped him off at Le Bourget. The resuscitator on board failed to contain it. Pierre did not suffer, neither at the time of his fall, nor afterwards ”.

On Monday, however, his wife Magali let it be known that her adventurer husband, several times engaged in the Dakar, especially in 2012 in Argentina where the Parisian had met him, was in a stable state and that the cerebral hematoma was completely resolved.

“Pierre, you will be sadly and indefinitely missed. We know you were happy on your bike and on the Dakar ”, wrote his relatives, citing his“ love for Magali, Adèle and Ferdinand ”, his wife and their children.

Although running in the “amateurs” category, Pierre Cherpin completed his fourth Dakar this year.

In 2012 in Argentina, Pierre Cherpin ran the Dakar with only one box of equipment and clothing. But he was deeply happy about it./LP/Bertrand Métayer

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