Damaging rumor about William and Harry: Queen’s patience is breaking

Queen reportedly wants to boycott collaboration with BBC

The advisors of Buckingham Palace, but also advisors of Clarence House – which is represented by Prince Charles and Camilla – are said to have been deeply annoyed that they had no say in the content of the documentary. The disputes over the program are also said to have “stirred up” Queen Elizabeth.

The otherwise stoic monarch is said to be so upset by the content of the documentary that she even intends to refuse to work with the BBC in the future. According to Daily Mail should the The Queen, Prince Charles and William have teamed up to lodge a complaint with the broadcaster. The Queen, her son, and her grandson would threaten to boycott future projects – unless the palace is given the right to respond to potentially harmful allegations. The frustration behind the royal scenes seems to be great. Officially, Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on the new documentary.

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