Damian Jones saw an open door, so he posterized all of Oregon

Like every morning, we are happy to find our Top 10 concocted by the NBA. Rudy Gobert’s tarp, John Wall’s dribbling or even Damian Jones having fun with the Portland defense, let’s go for the TrashTalk sauce recap.

#10 : beautiful circulation of the Mavs in two touches of the ball and Dwight Powell who comes to conclude this beauty with a big tomar.

#9 : LaMelo Ball has the sky as his limit but he must not know that Rudy Gobert is also capable of covering the clouds. Go back to your studies as a youngster.

#8 : John Wall takes advantage of the mismatch with Wendell Carter Jr. to make the show on his skills ball in hand. He makes the pivot dance before going to finish in lay-up. Thanks to Patrick Williams for the and-one by the way.

#7 : The Heat players had erected a real wall to counter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, they still wonder which hole he went through.

#6 : Russell Westbrook who runs towards the racket and shifts at the last second a free teammate version 47598. Mo Wagner has no feelings when it comes to finding the Lakers.

#5 : Jae’Sean Tate taught Denzel Valentine how to secure a rebound. Finally, he mostly showed him what happens when he doesn’t.

#4 : Malik Monk rarely does the show but when he does it is worth the detour. This reverse lay-up is worthy of his illustrious boss, a certain MJ.

#3 : Did you miss him ? Jae’Sean Tate is here again and this time it’s a blind basket for the Rockets winger. To wonder if he is not putting handicaps for fun.

#2 : Devin Booker was in front of Derrick Jones Jr. and then he disappeared. It is found under the armpit of Enes Kanter at the time of marking the and-one.

#1 : We stay in Phoenix and it’s Damian Jones’s turn to fly away. The Portland defense does not seem in a rush to get on him so the pivot will quietly land a slam dunk with one hand while power on the few laggards.

For the images it’s just below, you just have to click. Us? We start to have done the tour so we will quietly stretch a good blow before the continuation. See you soon ? See you soon.

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