Damm, the player who bought a Lamborghini without touching his salary

The footballer’s career is temporary and players must prepare to live when they say goodbye to the fields. Jürgen Damm is aware of it, that’s why affirms that all his salary is invested and how did you buy a Lamborghini without touching his salary.

Contrary to those athletes (because it does not only happen in soccer) who can spend your millionaire contracts in parties, company people, excessive luxuries and even addictions, the former Tigres and now the Atlanta United de la MLS He shared his secret to knowing that when he says goodbye to the courts, he will not have to worry financially.

“I invest all my salary, in apartments, houses, premises, savings insurance, the stock market and I live from what I generate in income. They say: ‘But Jürgen, don’t be a liar, you bought a Lamborghini’. Yes, I have details like that, I like cars, but I took that car out without touching my salary, I got it with bonuses, sponsorship things and with income in Mexico, “he said in a TikTok video.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t spend on clothes: Damm

Contrary to what tends to attract attention such as clothing and accessories of recognized brands and high cost, Dust revealed that he does not like to buy expensive clothes, but he does it at the request of his wife, who does not want him to look like a child just by dressing in sports clothes.

If it were up to me, every day I would dress for Atlanta United, Nike and the clothes they give me, but my wife insists on buying clothes, that I am no longer a child, but The truth is that I don’t like to spend on clothes, on watches, on jewelry, I am one of those who thinks that the most important thing is in the mind, I do not need to bring jewelry to be someone important, “he added.

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