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Dance with the stars, it’s the grand finale: we assess the chances of Tayc, Bilal Hassani and Michou!

After weeks of competition, here they are finally launched into the home stretch of Dance with the stars this Friday evening on TF1. Tayc, Bilal Hassani and Michou, three potential winners of this eleventh season where all the codes have been changed. What chances do they have of winning the coveted trophy? Decryption of their profile and their background below.

Tayc, like a fish in water (90%)

From the start of the competition, Tayc has established himself as one of the most promising candidates of the season. Used to afro dance, the performer of the song “The weather” has the rhythm in the skin. Samba, contemporary dance or even quickstep, the singer excels in the arms of his partner, the sultry Fauve Hautot, winner of the last season with the French disabled swimmer Sami El Gueddari.

Will the choreographer take the personality that accompanies her to victory two years in a row? All hopes are allowed on their side. Appreciated by the public – which they particularly charmed by dancing a chacha on “Startin Something” by Michael Jackson – and fans of fine notes, Tayc and Fauve Hautot have every chance of becoming the next winners of the show. And, it would be deserved!

Bilal Hassani, emotion and technique (80%)

The first performances of Bilal Hassani and his partner, Jordan Mouillerac, also impressed the audience. Determined and full of energy, the former representative of France at Eurovision swings on the floor like a professional dancer. His steps are precise and technical.

But what makes Bilal Hassani one of the most popular candidates of the season is the emotion he conveys through his performances and his unifying side. We think in particular of contemporary dance on Kid Eddy de Pretto that he wanted to do without his wig. “Without armor”, he specifies. A highlight of the season which notably earned him a nice compliment from Chris Marques: “You don’t need to be manly or feminine, just Bilal. You are an adult but you have that beautiful energy of a child, you are beautiful, you glow.”

Michou, a great development and … a lot of followers (70%)

“I want to impress. I want people to say to themselves, ‘We weren’t expecting this!'”, Michou confided to us a few hours before the first Dance with the stars. The Youtubeur’s wish has come true. Its evolution over the premiums of the issue has surprised more than one. Contemporary sound on “Not pretty” will certainly remain one of his most beautiful and touching performances in the adventure. For the performance but also for the resonance of the song on his personal experience. Care words that speak to me because it tells about not being good in your body, not being beautiful […] I went through it a bit, especially when I was youngere says the 19-year-old who suffered from grossophobia at school. “When I was little, I was not the handsome kid in college, I was a little overweight, I had pimples, braces. So people were laughing. I was making videos on the Internet. , people were too mean. […] It was a pretty difficult time. “

Does Michou live up to the other finalists of Dance with the stars ? Probably not. But, the web star is endowed with a major asset that has, on several occasions, proven itself: the support of viewers. The latter have, in fact, often come to his aid to escape elimination during the various bonuses. And the Youtubeur gives them back by allowing them to follow his rehearsals and different moods on a daily basis, especially with regard to his crush on his partner Elsa Bois. A story that keeps the public in suspense.

Everything is not yet over for the finale of this eleventh season of Dance with the stars where the public will be the sole master of the fate of the candidates. The suspense is at its height this year and, we savor it.

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