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Daneng gets angry, JJ is confused about breaking up news, deletes the couple’s picture, not a warning sign of broken love

Daneng Kanyawee gets angry with his boyfriend, JJ Kritsanapoom, for acting not cute Confused about the news of breaking up, deleting the couple’s photo, it’s not a warning sign, broken love

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On December 1, 2021 at Hall F6, Yuen Mall Shopping Center Actress Muay Daneng Kanyawee, two cities Come to attend the press conference “GMMTV 2022: BORDERLESS” after the end of the event, gave an interview about the relationship with the young sweetheart JJ Kritsanapoom Phibunsongkhram Do you still love each other well? After pressing to hide the couple’s photos, complete IG

How do you feel when JJ says There’s definitely no break-up date with us? “Personally, I don’t feel that certain. Means we don’t know anything in the future like he said. Today is the same Try to make it work as much as possible.”

with news events What happened? “He said I was sleepy, right? But I’m not sleepy. But I have a way of dealing with what makes me uncomfortable, like hiding. I keep hiding already, not just a picture of him Other photos, we will manage IG to color it links. keep hidden Not just a picture of him I keep hiding But this time, maybe it will come to the story that is the highlight of Jay’s missing or not?”

He behaves badly? “That’s right”

Can you tell me what’s the matter? “I want it to pass more. Because now it’s okay.”

When we are angry, to what extent is it? “It was an instant rage. Well, I got mad and disappeared. Moody will take care of himself. I didn’t tell him.”

Why don’t we use a way to talk to each other? “Well, we talk. But I’ll talk when I’m cold. I will manage to calm myself. because I feel that crashing is useless.”

Were we shocked that day when the news came out? “Shocked because it was delayed for a long time. And then we were just like normal. Come to know in the evening.”

JJ, he said he didn’t know at first? “Yes, he doesn’t know much. It was not considered sarcastic, it was normal, he was too cute to him. But if we can clear ourselves We’ll tell him that just now, when something like this happened, we felt that this wasn’t okay. then he will be ok Like next time will be better.”

Seeing us as a really sweet couple, does it often have moments like this? “Actually, I think it’s normal. There will be ups and downs.”

We don’t choose to adjust and talk directly? “We talk all the time. As I always said, We’re not that sweet. There is a normal problem. We talk all the time It’s the mouse’s way of self-management. is to take care of one’s own affairs before going to settle matters between the two of us because we do not want us to be in a bad mood If we were to talk to him, he might not speak well. I will be the one who has this way of self-management. Maybe make yourself as comfortable as possible before you talk to him about how things are going.”

Want to make Jay think it’s not a big deal? “Yeah, so he never thought it was a big deal. In fact, we feel that over time, mice will not be picked up as a big deal. because I’m fine.”

Is hiding a picture a warning sign? Or at the end? “No warning Because he probably doesn’t know it. In fact, we don’t want him to feel anything. But we just make us feel that if sometimes we see it, it doesn’t feel good. not for him but for yourself.”

Has the picture been brought back today? “I’m too lazy to take it out. I feel like it might be… again.”

Are you fine-tuning? “It has been fine-tuned all the time. every time already.”

Will it become a collection? “Is it cumulative? In fact, it’s an accumulation. It means that it will be cleared from time to time. And I’m a person who forgets quite easily. Not a lot of memory will not be angry as a force of fire.”

Is it ok now? “Okay, it’s been a long time. But the news is rather delayed.”

When the news that we broke up How do we feel? “That day, I was a bit confused about what happened, but oh well…people went to focus there. And everyone loves our relationship too. At first I was shocked about what Like someone who feels good with our partner (smiles)”

The words that JJ said were ready to do the best for us. Still don’t quit? “What would you say? I really feel that it is not certain at all. So I didn’t give much hope to that sentence. Because we always talk that there is nothing certain for the sentence that no matter what, I won’t quit.”

Did he make a promise to us? “I don’t think that promised that much. It’s like we’re talking about a contract that means it has to be done. If he’s still not sure, don’t say things like that. We will be a line of problems and solve them.”

Is it okay to love each other as usual? “Normal”

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