Dangerous black market for medicines: Monreal

During this year and in recent months, the Senate of the Republic has debated about tightening the laws towards the actors of the “black market” of medicines in the country, the discussion has been very serious, says the senator for BRUNETTE, Ricardo Monreal Avila.

“We are trying to elevate it to the rank of serious crimes, because you cannot play with human health, that is the most delicate and the most serious thing that we have in the country, you cannot play with people’s health,” he said exclusively to IMAGE of the Gulf.

The problem of smuggling and trafficking of drugs to the “black market” of drugs is not new, since before 2016 it has been known that employees of public health institutions do ant theft to sell drugs abroad, either directly to patients or to illicit traders.

In recent years the market for apocryphal drugs has grown, causing direct effects on the health of the people who consume them, the pharmaceutical industry and the coffers of the treasury.

Health risk

The drug trade also comes from illegal medical samples, fake and expired medicines, the theft from private transport that distribute these materials and the theft of these goods in pharmacies and doctors’ offices.

However, current legislation provides for sanctions that do not discourage illicit conduct in the drug market, thus requiring more severe penalties for offenders, so that they can effectively help remedy the problem.

“There are already elements within the commissions, nothing has been defined because we are in that process, we are in recess, right now there is no action (…) there must be vigilance, transparency and honesty in the handling of these medicines by institutions, we must combat the institutional network of corruption that from officials to suppliers had been consolidating for many years in past governments, “says Monreal Ávila.

The draft initiative for changes to the country’s health law is in the committees, the discussion has been presented and is under study, but it will be until September 1 when it is announced in the Senate.

Did you know?…

The National Union of Pharmacy Entrepreneurs (Unefarm) ensures that the sale of illegal medicine represents 9% (16.65 billion pesos) of the medicine and pharmaceutical market in Mexico.

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