Dani Parejo confesses which team was small and makes a request to EA Sports

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Dani Parejo, soccer player of Valencia, was the guest of this Wednesday of the humor program “The Resistance” of Movistar. Interviewed by David Broncano, the Spanish international reviewed some aspects of his life in the comic space.

As he narrated, he became a regular user of video games, among which he highlighted football and basketball. However, and despite not playing as much as before, he did want to send a message to EA Sports, FIFA developer, for the assessment they had made of their qualities, specifically the rhythm: «I am slow, but …», He started by saying. “You are not a cougar either,” Broncano joked. «I have companions who play and they tell me that I have the best average, 86 I think, but they can’t put me because I have 40 rhythm. That is my son who is four years old! ”He said with a laugh. “It seems I’m going backwards,” he added. “They’ve put you on the pace of a retired player,” the interviewee asked. “If true. It is the rhythm of Míchel, for example. That he was already slow in his time … »said Parejo.

There was also time to talk about the last Spanish Super Cup, where his team was eliminated against Real Madrid despite the goal scored by him from the penalty spot. «Saudi Arabia, that if it is threatened, that if bombs are going to fall … So I said: ‘Kids, we are going to lose and let’s go home soon that there is little to do here. It is not going to be that the thing gets complicated … On the final between the two teams in Madrid, he also had words: “I, unlike Valverde, would not have arrived in that action,” he said about the famous play of the final. “Morata ran like a quarterback and saw himself scoring a goal and then, unwittingly, he was even stepped on by Carvajal and ended up with a bruise on his face. He went from being a hero to looking like he had been beaten, ”added Broncano.

«Age of Atleti»
Finally, the interview with Parejo gave for several confessions. The first one, the one related to the team that cheered as a child: «I have a cousin, who is like a brother, who is from Atlético, and I was an Atlético by him as a child. Then I went to Real Madrid, but I was still a Atlético subscriber. When I was upgrading, I could no longer go to the Atleti field, because of the rivalry there is and all that. So delete me. Then Madrid gave me a subscription and I started going to the Bernabéu. At first it cost me, but you are small and you go to the field and you see that they always win … We are all mercenary of victory, ”he said with a laugh.

Finally, he answered the classic program question about how much money he has in the bank: “One fifteen or sixteen million,” he said. .


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