Daniel Jadue and alliance with the FA: “Chile does not want more governments from the time of the agreement” | National

The mayor of Recoleta and possible PC presidential candidate, Daniel Jadue, affirmed that Chile “does not want more governments from the time of the Concertación”, responding to the statements of the president of the Radical Party, Carlos Maldonado, who criticized the alliance between the Communist Party and the Broad Front.

From the DC, meanwhile, they highlighted the role of the Constituent Unit and affirmed that the path “It is not extreme positions.”

The opposition seems to be increasingly divided, after different actors from the Constituent Unit bloc – which includes the collectivities of the former Concertación, as well as the PRO and Ciudadanos – criticized a sector of the Broad Front for agreeing with the Communist Party, facing the choice of conventional constituents.

The president of the Radical Party, Carlos Maldonado, in an interview with La Tercera, stated that “a coalition that includes the CP would not be coherent with the country,” adding that “They continue to defend the dictatorship of Venezuela.”

In addition, he targeted the Frente Amplio for taking, in his opinion, “The way of the left, which is a path that will lead them to be a minority ”.

In this regard, the mayor of Recoleta and a communist activist, Daniel Jadue, assured that “Chile does not want more governments from the time of the agreement.”

For his part, the president of the Christian Democracy, Fuad Chahín, reiterated his criticism against the Broad Front and particularly against the Democratic Revolution, for “Get behind the PC”.

In that sense, he pointed out that the Constituent Unit “is a credible project.”

The helmsman of the phalanx, further added that the future path “It is not extreme positions”, because it could end with “a fractured country.”


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