Daniel Mananta left the WhatsApp Indonesian Idol Special Season Group

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Singer Ari Lasso question the decision Daniel Mananta leave the WhatsApp Group (WhatsApp Group / WAG) Indonesian Idol Special Season.

Previously reported, Daniel had resigned from the position of host Indonesian Idol. He was replaced by Boy William.

However, Daniel was asked to return to replace Boy who was sick for several weeks.

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Daniel also explained to Ari Lasso the reason for leaving the group.

“I felt at Indonesian Idol at that time as a guest, I was just a guest like in WAG,” said Daniel. Kompas.com from the YouTube channel ARI LASSO TV, Tuesday (16/2/2021).

Viola Maria’s husband assessed that his existence would only cause awkwardness.

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“I left because I know myself. The cave is a guest. I wish that in my absence you could be more grow. Boy was there too. If you talk about content, you can be even more free, ”said Daniel Mananta.

Although initially a little annoyed, Ari Lasso finally accepted Daniel Mananta’s explanation.

It is known, this former MTV Indonesia VJ decided to quit after 12 years of hosting Indonesian Idol.

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